Business buildings and flat houses

Lower cost – with help of smart solutions

Monitoring energy consumption and the so-called “smart house” solutions ensure considerable energy economy. We offer our current and future customers the effective energy consumption concept ”Intelligent Building” which consists of energy consumption metering system, building automation and smart house solution.

In measuring energy consumption, information about the user’s electricity, gas, heating, water and/or air cooling consumption is collected automatically by system. The administration company can extract information about a selected period of time and issue invoices based on this information.

Building automation is used to control mechanical, electrical and pipework-related devices. Heating, ventilation and air cooling can be controlled. This includes, for example:

  • Cooling devices
  • Boilers
  • Ventilation devices
  • Fan-coil units
  • Heat pumps
  • Entry systems

The Smart House solution enables room-specific controlling of lights, heating, cooling and multimedia systems as well as other electrical devices, which the user wants to integrate with the system. It is also possible to add a video intercom system. The whole solution is controlled through one app.

For whom

  • developers
  • apartment buildings and office buildings
  • trading centres
  • cold storages
  • industrial undertakings